Suggestions to improve the federation |

Suggestions to improve the federation

Dear Editor:We need to bring about a system of government that gives us freedom from want, fear and ignorance as well as guarantees to us freedom of expression and equality under law, no exceptions. In order to help establish this system, please allow me to respectfully suggest the following:1. Study and re-establish our Constitution and amendments.2. Abolish the guilty plea and establish a system of conflict resolution, where persons directly involved may reason together and where all facts are established to determine the best solution for everyone concerned. 3. Our tax system must be enforced equally, which means the only tax we have is a 10 percent sales tax on everything sold, no exceptions, even paper boys and girls and all nonprofits. 4. Establish fingerprint activated voting machines that produce a paper receipt showing the voter’s choice. This receipt would be without the voter’s ID and placed in a sealed ballot box by the voter to be counted at the end of the election to verify the voting machine’s totals. Absentee ballots would contain a small ink pad. 5. The United States of America to become a university, so rather than hassle with immigration problems, extend scholarships to persons who wish to come here and learn from us. For instance, if a person is going to work at a hotel in our country, at the end of their stay they would have the knowledge to run a hotel in their own country, etc. The Americans that are imparting this knowledge will be paid. 6. Take an inventory of our natural resources (water, land, etc.); how much do we have? Is it possible for each citizen, in this country at this time, to own their own home where they can connect with the earth for their well-being?Eloise IlgenCarbondale

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