Suckered into story |

Suckered into story

(This letter was originally addressed to reporter Charles Agar.)Dear Editor:Your article (Nov. 16) refers to “Basalt resident June Tramwell.” In light of The Times’ history of having published provocative letters signed with pseudonyms, its subsequent promise to validate the legitimate identities of letter writers before publication and the apparent absence of the name June Tramwell from public records (Aspen Daily News, Nov. 16), don’t you agree that your article should have addressed the legitimacy of the name June Tramwell? At this point, my take on your coverage of this story is that someone with a grudge probably suckered The Aspen Times into being his/her unwitting accomplice in a private squabble. I, for one, don’t like to think of our local press as being quite so naive. Please enlighten me if you think I’m wrong on this (or if there really is a “June Tramwell, Basalt resident”).Sy ColemanAspen

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