Suck beer, not energy |

Suck beer, not energy

Dear Editor:

It would be cool if we could all look at ourselves, and ask the question, How can I help be a better citizen of the Earth?

I have a suggestion as to how all us Aspenites can make a difference in a positive way, and benefit our little hamlet in the hills at the same time, namely by drinking green beer!

We have been blessed over the last year, to have a local beer breast, in the middle of our town. Three young entrepreneurs ” Rory, Duncan and Brad ” decided they wanted to brew one of the most wonderful elixirs ever to have been invented by mankind, BEER, right slap bang in the middle of A-Town. This wonderful stuff was snow a month ago, and we were skiing on it. Now, a short time later, we have the incredible luxury, of being able to jump on our town bikes, ride down to the river, and for the price of one Alexander Hamilton, they give you a Growler full of delicious ale, made right here in the Rockies. It isn’t imported from the Czech Republic, Holland or Dublin, it tastes infinitely better than anything from St. Louis, and we don’t contaminate our land-fill with empty bottles and cans. We don’t exasperate the traffic on Highway 82, and can you believe it, when you have filled that puppy up 10 times, they give you a FREE 64 ounces for nada (a tip is always welcomed).

Think about it, I’m sure Barack would endorse the concept, and you feel good at the same time.

Believe me, the Independence Pass Pale Ale goes well with sushi, caviar and potatoes.

Martin T. Suthren

Aspen and Todos Santos, Mexico

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