Substitute for ignorance? |

Substitute for ignorance?

Tony Mazza, who has traded in his Range Rover for a Porsche, (remember what they say about Porsche owners) made a confession several weeks ago which was quoted in the local press and apparently went unnoticed by the local pundits.

To wit, when approached by a local retail crusader who is valiantly attempting to get the city (gotta go through the process, pass me the fiddle) to rezone the downtown core to prevent, among other businesses, real estate offices from taking any more ground floor retail space, was told by Mr. Mazza that if you outlawed real estate offices you would just have even more empty space in town.

Duh!!! RIGHT ON, Tony.

No one ever thought you were the brightest bulb in the bank, but this inadvertent and foolish (so what else is new?) confession clearly demonstrates that you have never cared about the community on whose back you have accumulated a lot of gold, but instead callously rented at the highest rents you could possibly extract from whomever with no vision or knowledge (so what else is new?) or regard for what your wretched greed would eventually do to the health of this once fabulous resort.

Sure there will be more empty spaces. No local retailer can sensibly pay the rents you are charging. Are we to feel sorry for you because you might end up with some empty spaces? Are we to wring our hands in high anxiety because you might not be able to put a super-charger on that million-dollar car?

Should we take up a collection to make up the difference in case you have to lower your rents to inject some vitality into the downtown retail mix? Are we to be thankful to you for your disgraceful contribution for the evolution from a vibrant community resort into a sterile outdoor mini-mall? Are we to sit by timidly and let you be the arbiter of what is good for this town?

Arrogance oft times is a substitute for ignorance. Thanks for proving that point.

Bill McDonough


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