Su Lum, me and the dreadful mime |

Su Lum, me and the dreadful mime

Dear Editor:

Su Lum – you caught me!

I thought I could sneak the relatively “quiet” MIME past you – but I couldn’t. I admit it: You are just too smart for me.

So, let me come clean. In my effort to scare children, damage their little psyches, and basically ruin their lives forever, I decided, as part of the summer mall entertainment plan, to include the “subversive” MIME as part of the program – oh, the damage they could do to the children that make up our future.

I am very thankful that Su is OK with the rest of the cast as evidenced by her quote in her column, “Bring on the fire-eaters, the shell games, the jugglers, the sword swallowers, and the high-wire walkers.”

Personally, I thought a MIME was far less threatening to a little kid than a guy sticking a 3-foot blade down his throat, but obviously I was wrong.

I must admit I was unaware of Su’s degree in child psychology, and did not read the study that she quotes from, “Mimes frighten the children with their silence and black-starred eyes.” Shame on you, Marcel Marceau – you’re off my Christmas list for dead people.

In an effort of full disclosure, I was thinking about giving away money on the mall, but was afraid I’d be accused of some weird inflation scam, but instead I decided to work on the mall entertainment idea.

And finally this – I would have thought that since Su thinks I talk too much, a MIME would be the one thing she wouldn’t find fault with. But again, I was wrong.

FYI: Mall entertainment will run Wednesday through Saturday, from 5-8 p.m., beginning June 24, with a special performance by a MIME at 4 p.m. on Wednesday the 24th in front of The Aspen Times – so Su can get a look without having to actually go to the mall.

Just my way of saying thank you, Su.

Andrew Kole


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