Sturm right to question policy on Arab Spring |

Sturm right to question policy on Arab Spring

Dear Editor:

Melanie Sturm, again, is on the crystal side of clarity with her column about the administration’s obfuscating, mollifying and blurring of the chaos from the Atlantic coast of North Africa to the steppes of China. It’s Islamist supremacy ideology and deeds, stupid.

The tone of the president’s speech at the U.N. befits an ode to “Islamist democracy,” but the region’s harmonics are more in tune with Islamic supremacy – not freedom and tolerance.

The president of Turkey told the West, “Democracy is the train to our destination.” Guess where his ideas are going. Obdurant portrayal of the Arab Spring as a triumph of freedom doesn’t pass the smell test. Not mentioned in New York are the waypoints in the predictable path already trod in Turkey. These include Shariah, medieval intolerance, “dhimmitude,” exclusion and gender and minority discrimination.

The proper tone for an American president, representing the shocked countrymen of our murdered citizens in Benghazi, would be quid pro quo: tolerant deeds before another American dollar in aid, and res ipsa loquitor! Islamic democracy reliably presages Shariah totalitarianism. Full stop.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s goals since its origins in the 1920s have been there to read for those with library cards. Our last four presidents have not prepared the ground for intelligent conversation. Remember Petty Officer Robert Stethem’s body falling to the tarmac in 1985? The national mute button on the extraspiritual elements of Islam (political, social, economic, military) is deafening. Tone-deafness paralyzes secular democrats across the Middle East at their peril and ours.

Gary Harrington

St. Petersburg, Fla.

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