Students on Roan Plateau |

Students on Roan Plateau

Dear Editor:I am a student at Basalt High School in the Fundamentals of American Democracy class and for the past six weeks we have been working on an assignment called Project Citizen, where the students pick a problem, research it and come up with an improved plan of action and then we will present it to the policymakers.Our group chose to do drilling for natural gas on top of the Roan Plateau. The new policy that we have developed is to defer drilling on the Plateau for 20 years or until drilling technology has been further developed.We have been working tirelessly on this project for six weeks and now we are going to present it to policymakers on Thursday, March 24 at the Eagle County Community Center in El Jebel from 5 to 7 p.m.If you support our policy mentioned above, please attend and see what our class has been up to! Danielle Ingram, juniorBasalt High School

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