Students deserve IB |

Students deserve IB

Dear Editor:Roger Marolt evidently knows little or nothing about the curriculum or pedagogical model of the International Baccalaureate program (“Aspen’s extraterrestrial baccalaureate program,” Jan. 19).Roger talks about ” … great teachers and unique programs setting Aspen Schools apart” … and “the boundless intellectual talents we possess,” etc., etc. But apparently Roger also knows little or nothing about the general level of the valley’s secondary school preparation, in the context of the standards of the “terrestrial” higher education universe out there. (Or maybe as an intellectually superior Aspenite Roger doesn’t feel the need to relate?)In the class of ’05 (my child’s senior year in high school) not one student from the valley (and possibly the entire Western Slope) was accepted at MIT, CalTech, Harvard or Yale (not to mention a few other worthy institutions), unlike numerous grads from IB programs nationwide. According to a Times article last year, no student in the history of Aspen High School has ever scored a perfect 1,600 on his/her SATs (common in most IB programs). Many critical Advanced Placement subjects available in IB programs worldwide are not offered in valley schools, and so on.Maybe Roger thinks Aspen’s intrinsic “boundless intellectual talents” wouldn’t benefit from the “fine tuning” offered at the world’s elite universities. But the smart kids sure know better … just ask them where they’d like to go to college if they could! And personally, thanks in no small part to an IB program, my own son was fortunately able to continue his education where he wanted to be. The many talented and very bright kids in Aspen schools deserve no less.Clayton DayAspen