Stuck in Aspen |

Stuck in Aspen

Dear Editor:

I wanted to follow up to let you know I had contacted the director of operations at the Aspen airport detailing my frustration of my canceled flight today (Sunday, Oct. 10, 2010).

I was very surprised to get a call on Sunday afternoon (soon after I sent the e-mail) from Jim Elwood, director of aviation. Jim was very sympathetic to my plight and understood my frustration.

He shared with me that, in fact, the radar on top of Aspen Mountain was out of service for repair; however, the airport does not own the radar, and the FAA made the decision to take the radar off line.

Jim told me the FAA has contacted Frontier and Sky West about the radar being down, and that the airlines knew of the issue.

What happened on Sunday was that there was fog and low visibility, and Sky West did not feel that conditions were safe to take off and land. What irritated me the most was that Sky West told all of us waiting to board that the flight was delayed, and they were not sure when they could get the flight out.

I watched the airport website all day for departing aircraft and not one Sky West plane departed. Frontier had a few planes arrive and depart. I asked Jim about that, and he told me Frontier had a different radar system they used that was onboard each aircraft and that Sky West did not.

So, to wrap this up … sounds like the FAA and Sky West are to blame for this incident that disrupted the lives of many folks, who like me, probably had to spend a few hundred dollars making new travel arrangements.

I appreciated Jim taking time on a Sunday to call a guy he didn’t know, and who sent him a bit of a nasty-gram to let him know the full story and to try and help. Thanks, Jim!

To me, someone needs to reimburse me for my time, expense and irritation.

Although I had a great time in Aspen Sunday evening. I stayed at the Annabelle Inn, which is awesome! And I had a great dinner at Little Annie’s. So, all was not for naught!

I’ll be baaack!

Keith Mohr

Spring Hill, Tenn.

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