Strength and courage during a tough time |

Strength and courage during a tough time

Dear Editor:Our sincere condolences and heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Quinn Evering from Toronto, Canada. The Aspen Basketball Academy would like to extend its sincere gratitude and appreciation to all of those who helped during the tragic loss of life last week in our Senior Academy Boys Camp. The Aspen Police Department, Aspen Valley Hospital EMTs, medical and emergency staff along with others did everything they could to save the life of a young man who had a serious undisclosed heart condition. Aspen Police Officer Terry Leitch and other emergency medical personnel performed bravely and admirably administering CPR within minutes of our 911 call. The staff and highly trained ER doctors at Aspen Valley Hospital worked relentlessly to save the life of this young man and did everything they could possibly do. We are indebted to all of you for your quick response and professional courage you demonstrate on a daily basis. We’re also grateful to our wonderful coaching staff who acted quickly and promptly to aid the young man after his collapse during a routine passing drill in the Skier Dome of AHS. Thanks also to Chris Bonadies, an AHS high school teacher who called 911 and quickly got us the AED located nearby. Everyone from the coaching staff at the ABA Camps, to police, EMTs and all emergency personnel assisting in trying to save the life of the young camper should be commended for their outstanding efforts and service. We would like to personally thank Joe High and Lori Maloy from Aspen Valley Hospital along with Pastor Steve Woodrow and Dan Bosko from Crossroads Church who all provided guidance and support during that tragic time. We also want to thank Aspen’s Health & Human Services along with the Aspen School District counseling staff for their warm, caring spirit which provided counseling and guidance for campers and coaches in attendance. Thank you to Pam and John Fisher who graciously opened up their home, hearts and faith to the grieving family friends as they traveled here from out of town. Your warm and caring spirit has touched us all.Steve and Mardi KetchumOwner/director, Aspen Basketball Academy Camps