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Strength an inspiration

Dear Editor:Ten years ago, Kathy, Shea, and Tanner Daily were killed by a boulder in Glenwood Canyon. In honor of them, we wish to share these words that mean so much and have helped Art define his feelings of grief throughout the years. They are written by Mark Helprin in his book “Memoirs from Antproof Case.” Once you have come to a place from which you cannot return, something there is that makes you look out and back, that makes you marvel at the strength of the smallest accidents to forge a life of sweetness, ferocity, and surprise. For the first songs are the gentlest and the most beautiful, they last forever, and they are the test of faith.I was graduated from the finest school, which is that of the love between parent and child. Though the world is constructed to serve glory, success, and strength, one loves one’s parents and one’s children despite their failings and weaknesses – sometimes even more on account of them. In this school you learn the measure not of power, but of love; not of victory, but of grace; not of triumph, but forgiveness. You learn as well, and sometimes, as I did, you learn early, that love can overcome death, and that what is required of you in this is memory and devotion. Memory and devotion. To keep your love alive you must be willing to be obstinate, and irrational, and true, to fashion your entire life as a construct, a metaphor, a fiction, a device for the exercise of faith. Without this, you will live like a beast and have nothing but an aching heart. With it, your heart, though broken, will be full, and you will stay in the fight unto the very last.Though my life might have been more interesting and eventful, and I might have been a better man, after all these years I think I can say I have kept the faith. All this time, my heart has told me nothing but to love and protect. The message has been strong through the twists and turns, and it has never varied. To protect, and to protect, and to protect. I was born to protect the ones I love. And may God continue to give me ways to protect and serve them, even though they are gone.May we all find the time to embrace the blessing of each new day, to hold dear our loved ones, and to give thanks for the love that surrounds us always.We love you, Art Daily. Your courage and strength has inspired us all.Love, Allison Daily Piper Daily RothbergAspen

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