Straight to the litter box

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:Normally I wouldn’t waist my time responding to a man’s expression of his opinion. But in this case I have to take exception. Why? Because, he calls himself a columnist. I’m not sure what that means exactly in his mind but to me it smacks of liberal, left wing, reporting of half truths, outright lies and innuendo. In Tom Teepen’s case I have to include diatribe as well. In his opinion piece (Aspen Times, Sept. 23), he made several references to hysterical left wing accounts totally out of proportion to the real events. First off what’s with the car bombings that rocked the country. What crap is that? Four car bombs in a country the size of California is hardly earth shattering, regrettable maybe. If anyone believes it rocked Iraq then they’re as big an idiot as he is.Next he says four Republican U.S. senators along with members of his own party express unease. What is that? Who are they; members, a little vague wouldn’t you say?I think all of America has some uneasiness about a war at any time. Sounds to me like Tom’s trying to propel himself to loftier heights, maybe take Dan Rather’s anchor spot. I hear it might soon be available.Now for the U.N., Tom. Where did you get your facts, from the liberal guidelines of unsupported fiction published by the Kerry committee to elect “The legend in his own mind.” Thirty-eight resolutions were passed in the spineless United Nations, none of which were acted upon, some affront? An affront to whom, Tom? The French perhaps, who were delivering illicit arms to him through third parties to get around the U.N.-imposed oil for food ban or maybe it was the Germans who were selling him machine parts for rockets he wasn’t suppose to have.Maybe it was the Russians, who were secretly providing arms and ammunition along with technical support for Scud missiles; 40 missiles, Tom! That ain’t hay! Ask any Israeli.Maybe it’s the emerging African nations who were affronted, run by dictators of their own who are now shaking in their boots. You better tell us the names of those affronted Tom, then maybe we could give a damn.Last but not least Tom, you showed your true spots when you referred the president of the United States speeches as “utterances.” I can only hope that anyone that reads a column of yours in the future puts as much value on what you have to say as I have. Your opinion is now coating the bottom of my cat’s litter box.Kenneth ThorneCarbondale