Straight shot not a solution |

Straight shot not a solution

I urge everyone to vote early. Don’t wait until Tuesday ? get it done. If you are not registered, use this week to register so next May you are able to vote.

I want to share my view and vote on the entrance question. I have a few different reasons for not supporting the straight shot and want to clarify why I have been working to defeat the new highway.

First, and most importantly, I do not feel that building this new entrance solves or even addresses any of the automotive and transportation issues that we as a community have expressed we want to solve.

The realignment does not increase mass transit ridership to justify the project. It does not reduce automotive use, rather it most likely increases it. It also does not promote alternative fuels and modes of transportation. This is not progress.

Secondly, I do not feel that there is enough environmental responsibility in either the design of the proposed roadway or the land swap that was accepted. This piece of open space will be irrevocably changed to roadway in exchange for a shale hillside.

Traffic will still back up going in and out of town because we are a destination at the end of a valley. Instead of the S-curves, which slow traffic, there will be more stoplights to make you stop.

I am also voting for the S-curves because I have voted several times already against the straight shot and I have seen the issue brought back again and again. I don’t like that.

I have also witnessed how CDOT and certain councilmen and local representatives have conspired to direct this issue in spite of recent votes and irrespective of citizen input and petitions. They have formed coalitions, called last-second meetings and surprise votes. I really don’t like that.

What would I suggest instead? I’m glad I asked.

I would like to see plans for a transit center with an underground parking facility under Rubey Park and the Silver Circle Ice rink to accommodate the higher traffic volume and facilitate mass transit. In other words, build more parking, get rid of paid parking and encourage people to come and stay and eat and shop and ski.

I would like the Maroon Creek Bridge replaced with a new bridge to bring the HOV/bus lanes to the roundabout. I also suggest that Main Street through the S-curves should utilize the four lanes that already are in them.

The proposed modified-direct is not a solution, it is just a big piece of new road. I am voting for the S-curves, again, until there is real plan for the future of this valley.



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