Story was lopsided |

Story was lopsided

Dear Editor:

You certainly can’t believe everything you read, and a timely story from Christmas Eve is a case in point. The article features Dennis Burns as a father who is spending Christmas alone this year because his ex-wife took their children to Argentina with seemingly no plans to return.

I am a close friend of his ex-wife’s. Ana is a very loving and caring mother. She suffered a difficult marriage and a horrific divorce. She was left with a foreclosed-upon home, an insignificant amount of child support to care for her children and an ex-husband who continued to try to push her down further.

Ana truly had no other choice than to go back to her country, where she and the children are free from the nightmare that was becoming their reality. Ana left out of need and desperation to provide everything from the basic necessities to an overall better life for her children. She has a strong group of friends here who supported her in every way we could, and Ana went to great lengths to protect her children from the divorce and the turmoil she was facing.

There is more than one side to every story. Scott Condon’s article contains a strong bias in favor of Dennis, but those who are close to the situation and the family can tell you a different story. I want the community to know that Ana is a wonderful mother who would do (and has done) everything in her power to keep her children safe and to provide them with a positive and happy childhood. I urge anyone who is considering a donation to Dennis’ fund to please reconsider. This is not a useful way to contribute, and it certainly would not create the heartwarming reunion that one would envision after reading Condon’s article.

Whitney Foley


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