Stop the whining |

Stop the whining

Dear Editor: What’s next?! Maybe Ms. Truden should just hand over the office of the district attorney and call it quits. Mr. Beeson is going to whine about everything that doesn’t go his way anyway. He couldn’t hack it in Ms. Truden’s office, he whined. He came up short in trying to collect enough signatures, he whined. When Ms. Truden wins the recall election, I bet he’s going to whine. It will never end with Mr. Beeson. Ms. Truden is only doing what the public asked her to do. She was voted in, fair and square, and if she chooses to get rid of people she doesn’t want around her, more power to her. If people choose not to work for her, that is their right. But don’t whine about not having a job later, and don’t waste taxpayers’ money doing it.David MorenoCarbondale

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