Stop the slaughter |

Stop the slaughter

Dear Editor:

March madness is upon us. No, not the basketball play-offs. The clubbing of seal pups.

Canada’s annual seal hunt is about to begin a cruel, atrocious practice where hunters club defenseless seal pups to death. According to the Humane Society of the United Sates, each winter mother harp seals migrate to the ice off Canada’s east coast and give birth to their pups in March. Within weeks seal hunters arrive, clubs in hand, and slaughter these pups, bashing the head of one pup after another. For a few measly dollars, these innocent pups are brutally slaughtered, primarily so their fur can be sold to fashion houses. Fishermen by trade, the money these seal hunters make killing the pups represents a small fraction of their annual incomes.

Take action. Boycott Canadian seafood products and let vendors know why. Contact Canadian Prime Minister Harper’s office and let him know that such incredible animal cruelty cannot be tolerated. These seal pups do not deserve to die such a horrific death.

Anne Gurchick



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