Stop the quacking |

Stop the quacking

RFTA recently announced that it is cutting service to cut costs and adding another vehicle registration fee in order to keep from operating in the red. Didn?t we just pass a new tax in Aspen to increase RFTA service last year?

Didn?t our local government promise more buses to Rifle and other downvalley communities if we passed the tax? Even with new tax money, in less than a year RFTA will charge a dollar to go to the airport and cut downvalley service. Just wait until the price of gasoline goes up.

This same government says we need to build a bigger mass transit system for the entire valley right away. Now, while it may be true that all mass transit systems require subsidies, why would we expand the system for commuters that will never get out of their trucks? How can we build a bigger mass transit system when we can?t afford the one we have today?

RFTA won?t put feeder buses in Carbondale and Blue Lake to cut the commute by 20 minutes because RFTA can barely make ends meet. Instead they would rather spend the state?s money to build the straight shot to save a mythical 30 seconds.

Eventually every community from here to Glenwood will pay higher and higher taxes to support a growing mass transit system with an inadequate number of riders.

Mass transit may be an integral part of our valley when every inch of land has been developed. We all understood that when we set aside the right-of-way for a train.

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Some straight shot proponents argue that we need a mass transit corridor. Other straight shot proponents argue they just want four lanes of pavement.

Beware the Trojan horse. If it looks like a highway and quacks like a highway, it isn?t mass transit ? it?s a highway. City registered voters, vote twice for the S-curves until this thing stops quacking.

Cliff Weiss


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