Stop the mudslinging |

Stop the mudslinging

There is so much discussion about “community character” in this Entrance to Aspen debate ? isn’t it ironic that those giving the most lip service to this “character” issue are also those who seem to wish to EXCLUDE the biggest part of the community from voting on the issue.

To suggest that only those in the Aspen city limits should have a say on this issue (a “we” versus “them” approach) strikes a greater blow to community character than either alternative to the Entrance to Aspen.

Listen, both sides in this debate are generally community-minded people honestly trying to do what they think is best for the WHOLE community. For one side to claim some higher moral ground than the other is over the top and counterproductive.

This should be an honest and civil debate about the issues and what is best for the community, not another mudslinging play on people’s emotions and lack of information, and a win-at-all-costs kind of election.

S-curves advocates should discontinue the insulting, exaggerated and overdramatized ads, and acknowledge that everyone in this community deserves a voice in this decision.

They should also acknowledge that if any vote is to be honored it ought to be the city PLUS the county vote. That would be standing up for community character.

Scott Writer

Old Snowmass

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