Stop the mudslinging |

Stop the mudslinging

Dear Editor:

I’m trying to sort out what I know and don’t know about the candidates and many of the letters and endorsements and front page “articles” are not helping. As voters, we have an important job to do.

What will help me is to figure out who meets the qualifications and qualities I see necessary to run my town.

1) Experience in public-sector government: Who has given their time and energy and been involved in the “boring” minutiae of government, schools, boards, etc.?

2) Community-minded: Who will work to keep us together and continue to build on diversity of mind, action and beliefs? Who has experience on local boards?

3) Moneywise and budget experienced: Who has the ability to stretch my $142 per year in property taxes to do a few basic things, like remove my snow, maintain my parks, fill the potholes, pay staff, oversee water and sewer, etc.?

4) Experience in the private sector: A business background and understanding is the underpinning to supporting our economy.

5) Listener, decisive, level-headed and collaborator: These are qualities that are critical for any group working to make informed and balanced decisions for our community.

6) Endorsements: Who is endorsed by whom? Sometimes not being endorsed by someone gets my vote.

I am strongly against the fracking that will occur and affect our health and quality of life and ultimately the economy. That’s why I support the Thompson Divide Coalition and Wilderness Workshop. But that’s not the major work for Carbondale government.

Also, don’t lump me in as a majority of those who voted against the Village at Crystale River and assume that determines whom I’ll vote for in this election. That was a complex issue, and it’s likely I voted against it for different reasons than others did. I’m happy to have a chance to vote on some quality candidates and good people.

Thank you all for running.

Carrie Podl Haberern


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