Stop the intolerance |

Stop the intolerance

Dear Editor:It has come to my attention that the Democrats are the only ones left with freedom of expression. If you don’t agree with their Utopian ideals they become intolerant. I’ve seen numerous instances where the freedom to express oneself has been denied by the removal of Bush signs by the Commiecrats, whoops, I mean Democrats. This denial of expression by the “all-knowing Socialists” has occurred nationwide and shows the intelligence of many whom would vote for John Kerry. I’m sure there have been Bush lovers doing the same, but we all know whose causing the denial of freedom of expression. I will vote for neither Bush nor Kerry, but notice a vast majority of Democrats act like children when they don’t get their way.The Democrats call themselves the peace party. Take a guess at what party held the presidency in World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam (Nixon was left with this fiasco). Who dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? (I appreciate the job done in World Wars I and II – just reminding the Democrats they are not the peace party). Who came up with the idea of a draft and then implemented it? Who started affirmative action only to see the African Americans get poorer and scholastic testing of African Americans go lower? Who created the idea of Social Security being voluntary and then made it mandatory? I think we all know the answer.Believe me, I’m not saying that Bush is any better, it just seems that the Democrats have an answer for everything, but will not tolerate anyone else’s opinion. It seems the Republican and/or independent voters are more tolerant.The Electoral College is paramount to the survival of the republic. However, many claimed Bush stole the election in 2000, as Gore won the popular vote. If we just counted the popular vote, no one would care about Aspen nor any other small town or state that is sparsely populated. New York, Miami and Los Angeles would decide which direction this country would head without any regard to states like Colorado, New Mexico, etc. All I can say is, the public school systems have done one hell of a job dumbing down the citizens of this great republic. Now I see why so many are home-schooling their children instead of sending them to the public propaganda houses they call schools.Stop the intolerance, it’s childish!Tom AndersonSnowmass

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