Stop the charade |

Stop the charade

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor: Mr. Ireland, of course, misses the point about housing discrimination (The Aspen Times, Sept. 3). The “affordable” housing regulations on their face are impermissible under both the federal and state constitutions. Our local governments and their political subdivisions act as if equal protection and due process of law are optional choices on some restaurant menu.The fact is very obvious that the residency requirements of those regulations pose an onerous burden on persons moving to the Aspen area. As improper as such regulations are, they are greatly popular with Mr. Ireland’s supporters. The constitution is written to protect the minority from oppression by popular opinion. As a lawyer and public official, Mr. Ireland’s duty is clearly to uphold both the federal and state constitutions. Using statistical arguments based on census data avoids discussing the patently improper use of regulations that unlawfully discriminate. Such arguments sound logical and intellectual, but are only a charade to avoid the real issue.Edward SanditenAspen