Stop the bullies |

Stop the bullies

Accolades to Roxanne Willsky and K.C. Johnson. It’s about time some of us speak out about the bullies in the school, whether it be the kids or the adults.

There is nothing in the world that makes my blood boil more than to see a bully in action. I have witnessed parents, certain coaches and students bully with absolutely no consequences.

Bullying is so rampant in and out of the high school that if something is not done to stop it now in its tracks, I’m afraid AHS will see the day the situation will be absolutely out of control.

The parents are in denial and turning a blind eye to their own kids’ bully actions. Some coaches seem to condone the bully, giving them more power. Certain administrators refuse to get involved or acknowledge what is going on. It’s easier to ignore the bullies and hope the problem just goes away.

Case in point: How about the approximately 10 boys who robbed and put a gun to the victims’ heads a couple years ago? How about Columbine? They proved it was caused by kids who had been bullied.

It’s time we all joined together to make bullies held accountable for their actions. If not, we will have another generation of bully adults teaching “by example” their children how to be bullies.

Bullying is not just a boy’s thing. In fact, I believe girls are much more proficient. I have firsthand knowledge while watching for six years a girl and her mother bully fellow athletes and parents – they have been left to do their deeds with impunity.

Girl power should not stand for girl bully.

John S. Walker


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