Stop the attacks |

Stop the attacks

Residents of Aspen have a major tendency to polarize issues as evidenced by the latest Morgridge/Michaels versus Farrell.

As a political observer and participate, I caution all the players: This is not about Tom Farrell, and if those who represent the school believe demonizing the two mothers is the solution, remember the Titanic.

The kind of noise and demands made by Carrie and Laurie does seem a bit excessive in the polite world of school politics, but I want to assure the school board, the administration, the teaches and all the letter writers, they are probably the tip of the iceberg.

The entire school organization is doing a truly fabulous job, but so was the hospital board. Whether we like their style or not, these dissidents are only voicing an underlying frustrations that I have heard expressed by many parents … directed not so much at Farrell personally, but at the entire school bureaucracy.

Tom Farrell has done an unbelievable job as school superintendent. The very fact that this is the first ever major public questioning is testament.

The role of a superintendent or a city or county manager is a highly political one, particularly in a small community. Usually, these offices have very short average life expectancies three to four years. Make no mistake, this observation is not meant to imply Tom’s time is past, it is only to point out this hullabaloo is pretty normal.

My two cents: It is great that so many people are standing up for a man who has done a fine job. But stop the attacks on the two who have dared to question.

It takes a lot of courage for a mom with kids in the school to publicly criticize that school. Whether they are right or wrong, we all need to support an atmosphere where people can question without ridicule and attack.

Shellie Roy


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