Stop supporting Krabloonik |

Stop supporting Krabloonik

Dear Editor:

(Re: letters, April 2)

With all due respect, Krabloonik is just one of the many, many hundreds of thousands of ways that people (if you can call Dan Maceachen “human”) exploit and abuse animals. His operation is basically a self-reproducing sweat shop for animals. He is a “hoarder” but because he has a license to hoard, it’s all good. We protested over the years with a lot of letters, but since people like you keep going to Krabloonik, he stays in business.

His animals are not classified as pets even though they are dogs ” they are classified as livestock. That’s how he gets away with providing almost the absolute minimum for his animals. If anyone else had an animal and treated it that way, the animal would be taken away, they would pay a fine and perhaps do jail time. In some cases they would not be allowed to have animals in the future. This man had been in trouble for a sled dog named “Magic”, if you care to dig a little deeper into that as well … just to research how this man “cares” for his dogs. Then after a bunch of letters from disgusted locals and patrons, animal control comes in and makes sure he complies with almost the bare minimum … again (after charging $400 a sled ride) and it gets quiet until someone else is brave enough to write another letter.

If you are interested, check The Aspen Times and Aspen Daily News for many archived letters written in support of Krabloonik either changing its ways or closing down. The full length articles that were run in both papers had reached the Rocky Mountain News and had mainstream media coverage all over the country. Even some of the former mushers came out of the wood work to tell what they had seen ” and it wasn’t pretty.

Yet because people still contribute to his business, it survives.

Kelley Flock


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