Stop sticking it to us, commissioners |

Stop sticking it to us, commissioners

Dear Editor:

Recently I was reading our local papers and lo and behold our county commissioners want to raise the tax on Pitkin County homeowners again to fund the Health Community Fund! Enough already! If it’s for the Health Community Fund why don’t you go to the community and include them for participation in raising funds and not stick it to the homeowners again!

You people are getting to be like Aspen City Council, which loves to stick it to the tourists whenever they can to put a few extra dollars in their coffers! With the competitive spirit that prevails in Aspen and Pitkin County, why not raise money through fundraisers such as sport competitions, poker parties, bridge tournaments, dances, lotteries and raffles?

Look to the wonderful Thrift Shop ladies who raise money for many causes. Maybe they will include you in your money search, as long it’s for the community. It’s the community that donates so many things to the Thrift Shop so the ladies can support worthy causes.

There are many ideas that can raise money; look at all the people who raise money for people with medical problems. You people will have to get off your buns and get some ideas and cooperation from the community. I understand the tax increase is Rachel Richards’ idea so I guess she has forgotten the lean days when she was a ski bum and things weren’t so easy as now when she is a commissioner earning $72,000 per year!

Many seniors in Pitkin County are struggling because taxes and expenses keep going up and their income doesn’t keep up with all the increases that are part of everyday living. There are even six taxes on our cell phone! There aren’t too many working-class seniors who have an income like you commissioners have, so don’t gauge your thinking to the wealthy people who can afford your tax hikes. Many of them support many charities of their choosing and share the wealth. God bless them.

You commissioners are living high off the hog now but it may change in your future so be careful!

Chris Tessem


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