Stop playing games |

Stop playing games

Dear Editor:

Tonight the Basalt council is going to hire a guy from the Vail Valley as our new town manager. Some people around town aren’t happy about this because of the flawed process. Councilman Seldin found this guy and is pushing hard to get him hired. The interview process has been a formality. The fix is in.

The violation of trust with the community happened last week when the council hosted a “meet and greet” with the applicants. Inviting the public created the illusion that council was considering someone other than Seldin’s guy.

The majority of the council doesn’t know how to properly engage the public. Worse, only a minority is interested in learning how. The citizen committees that exist were ineptly created by a town manager who doesn’t believe in citizen committees.

The council will hire whomever it wants, but playing games with the citizens is unacceptable. People don’t appreciate being tampered with. Council should continue its “top-down” governing and leave the people out of its charades.

Jim Paussa


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