Stop buildings in the park |

Stop buildings in the park

Dear Editor:Why did the City Council approve another building and why a building in Rio Grande Park’s current recycle location?The answer is given by Sarah Laverty, environmental project coordinator, in a memo to Alex Evonitz and the Development Review Committee, dated March 6, 2006:”The concept is to design a recycle facility (building) that will shield and minimize visibility of the dumpsters and loading areas from the Obermeyer Place Project …”The City Council approved a $735,000 building in Rio Grande Park solely to enhance views for the new Obermeyer Project. The voters of Aspen need the truth about this almost $1 million building that has been rushed through council and excluded from the building moratorium.This is not about moving the current recycle location, this is about stopping buildings in our parks! We can keep the recycle where it is or move it across the street but loose the, building! The voters have the right to say what goes on their public land. The public owns this site, not developers and behind-the-scenes deal-makers!As a recycler, I agree that the current recycle could use some improvements, not a $735,000 building to protect a developer’s project and boost architect’s egos!I signed a petition with many other voters on Saturday to stop this new Ordinance No. 22 and the building in our Rio Grande Park. This is an outrage, and the Aspen City Council is out of control!This is definitely a petition to get your signature and name on!Leigh WilliamsonAspen

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