Stop being so negative |

Stop being so negative

Dear Editor:

Wow, Jim Paussa really knows how to throw a sucker punch (“Man of the people?”, letters, June 21, 2011, The Aspen Times). I have to say, was anyone else as amused as I was?

“This wouldn’t smell so foul if he didn’t parade around as a regular guy and man of the people.” This from the same guy who ran in the same two elections as Glenn Rappaport and lost both times … and Glenn won both times? Clearly, Jim isn’t the man of the people either.

But to the point of Jim’s diatribe: What I find so frustrating is that rather than open up the dialogue on what to do to jump start Basalt’s vitality, Paussa’s answer is just to say “no.” “No” to any conversation about how to reverse the drain on Basalt.

That was exactly what Glenn was trying to do – start a conversation. And from what Scott Condon reported that’s exactly what took place; councilors that I voted for are talking instead of sticking to a course come hell or high water. Is all-out elimination of affordable housing requirements the answer? Probably not. But a serious conversation from our representatives on how to revitalize Basalt? Absolutely.

Basalt has some great people who have actually started to make a difference rather than just saying “no.” Kudos to Cathleen Cole, Jane Ogden and the crew in starting the Basalt Sunday Market. And to Tim Belinski and his team for keeping the feeling going for the last two winters with the Winter Farmers Market. To the people of the Basalt Chamber and the town of Basalt for the Wednesday Night Summer Concert Series and for hosting the recent summer kick-off street party. Kudos to our mayor for hosting Earth Day every April as gaggles of small kids parade down Midland Avenue. Lots of people invested in Basalt from what I can tell.

Jim, did you happen to read Scott’s other very good article titled “Sales report shows Basalt’s economy still sputtering,” from April 19, 2011? Pretty sobering statistics, if you ask me. So, I agree with you “many residents are in survival mode.” Maybe instead of throwing mud just to see if it will stick, you might try something a bit more positive – like recognizing that it’s going to take all the people and all our representatives to breathe life back into Basalt.

Laurie Dows


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