Stop being greedy |

Stop being greedy

Dear Editor:

I read that Vail Mountain is lowering the price of its season pass. I have been riding in Colorado for more than 13 years now and love the mountains of this great state. I am, however, more partial to the great slopes of Aspen and Snowmass. I see every year the lift ticket prices take a nice hefty jump in price though.

I want to know at what point does Skico STOP?! I mean 87 bucks seems a little much. Yet year after year, I hear of how the lift sales were smaller or down from years earlier. Seems to me if you want the mountain to be used, you would make it so the people that support it and help bring in tourism can afford it, and you would cut them a break. Stop being greedy and give other people a chance to bring their families up here and see what these mountains really are all about.

Todd Owen

Glenwood Springs