Stinky visitor is ousted by Hotel Jerome |

Stinky visitor is ousted by Hotel Jerome

The Hotel Jerome ballroom had a black tie visitor Monday who nearly made a stink of things before staffers were able to coax him out.

A skunk wandered into the hotel through an open door sometime Sunday night and had the run of the place until security officers discovered him the following morning. But even after the aromatic offender’s whereabouts were known, hours passed before hotel staffers were able to shoo him from the premises. A trail of food leading out the door finally did the trick.

“The kitchen people were frantic because if it sprayed in there, they never would have gotten rid of the smell,” said Dennis Barker.

A friend and neighbor of Barker’s, Seth Sachson, runs the local animal shelter. He was called by the hotel staff but they were unable to reach him.

“They didn’t want it to spray in there and nobody wanted to see it get hurt either,” Barker said. “They may have had to clear the hotel if it had sprayed – it’s a stinky problem, you know – but it all worked out for the best.”

(Editor’s note: Skunks, like cats, hate water and avoid it at all costs. A few well-placed blasts with a squirt gun will send your average Pepe Le Pew fleeing, with his tail between his legs and not in the air.)

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