Stink of corruption |

Stink of corruption

Dear Editor:

Whenever I receive an e-mail from someone in Nigeria with an unbelievable offer, I am reminded of Fela Kuti’s song about lawyers and corruption. We often equate Nigeria with corruption and schemes.

But when I listen to politics as practiced on this side of the Atlantic I am persuaded that there is a big difference. Clearly I am wrong. Corruption and lawyers and lobbyists are all in the same game.

In the health care debate, we are seeing daily just how corrupt a country we are. It is OK for the K Street gang of lawyers and PR people to pack town hall meetings all over the country in an effort to stop the debate. This is just politics as usual.

In my view it is the stink of corruption that drives us away from Nigeria and its problems. When we smell the stink of our own country and its politics, then maybe we will rise up and do something about it.

Andy Hanson


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