Still walking |

Still walking

Dear Editor:I lived in Aspen for about a year awhile back.I arrived in September and in January, I drove my car back to Boston and flew “home.”Home was Aspen.I didn’t want the car. I didn’t need the car and I loved it.Your article (“My Life Without a Car,” Aspen Times Weekly, Sept. 2) brought me back in time, great memories and some of my “routes.”I’m back in Massachusetts and sometimes throw on the backpack to go to the store on foot.My husband doesn’t quite understand. I suppose he’s thinking I could transport a lot more in the car.Sure, I could.I get what WE need and I get what I need … a walk.Thanks a million. You made me smile and you reminded me to plan my next trip to Aspen.See you on the paths.Lee Ellen CosciaMassachusetts

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