Still waiting on an apology from Cleverly |

Still waiting on an apology from Cleverly

Dear Editor:

Let us now praise the latest letter to the editor from the hopelessly prolific Michael Cleverly, the source for most of Brent Gardner-Smith’s “investigative reporting” in the Aspen Daily News. Cleverman, bless him, fessed up to what he called a “misconception” coming from the Daily’s reportage by insisting he is not a “paid member of Joe DiSalvo’s campaign.”

In fact, Cleverman finally, fatally admits he was a hired gun “paid $2,000 to design a ‘DiSalvo Our Next Sheriff’ poster.” He will no doubt get a 1099 from the DiSalvo For Sheriff campaign, and he no doubt cashed the check. Thus, his posturing as a disinterested citizen interested in only the public good was as fake and phony as his charges against yours truly.

I was a paid employee working for the Zuker campaign, a fact that I disclosed from the start. Mr. Cleverly – who speaks freely of sleaze and “Nixonian” tactics in others – is actually guilty of three dirty tricks.

The first is not disclosing his role in the campaign. The second is his claim, based on no evidence, that the Zuker campaign destroyed newspapers, a misdemeanor according to Colorado law. The third is that I had anything to do with the rerouting of a website address.

“In the future,” Cleverman wrote, “any opinions I may offer, or responses to calls for apologies, or suggestions that I ‘shut up’ will also be purely that of a private citizen.”

I was the one who called for him to shut up, but only if he was unwilling to apologize for accusing his political opponents of a crime they didn’t commit.

By all means speak up, Mr. Cleverly. We all await your apology. In the meantime, rest assured that I absolutely love the poster. You’re obviously worth the money.

Michael Conniff


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