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Still too big

Dear Editor:

In the Oct. 30 issue of The Aspen Times, my neighbor in Aspen, R. Barry Crook, responded to my letter about Willits, so I want to respond with my friendly, “Howdy, Barry, how y’all?”

To begin with, my letter didn’t say Whole Foods would bring a lot more traffic, and my objection is the expansion the developers wants. The two new boxes with windows there now don’t do a thing for Basalt, and more of the same will only ad to the ugliness of the project. It is too damn big! If you would have attended the Oct. 9 meeting, you would have heard all the objections the people of Basalt presented to the Town Council! It went on for hours! When the next vote is taken by the council, I hope they remember what they heard, and also they remember that they represent the people of Basalt, not the developers!

By the way, Barry, how many shares of stock do you have in Whole Foods? Y’all take care, Barry, ya hear!

Chris Tessem


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