Still time to sign petition |

Still time to sign petition

Dear Editor:

Arriving at the press conference late, I first heard the news about the developer “gifting” the visitor center to the City of Aspen for the ACRA.

I was really excited, until it was clarified that the developer is only going to “gift” the 2,260-square-foot space for ACRA’s offices and ACRA’s visitor center to the City of Aspen. The 12,000-plus-square-foot building still gets built.

The three spruce trees, lilac bushes and grass area on Galena and Main will still be replaced with a 40-foot-high building approved by City Council with no parking, no employee housing and no open space. The southern part of the library park/plaza will still be converted into asphalt for police parking, which is being displaced because there is no available parking for the new visitor’s center. The library park still gets asphalt even if the city accepts the gift.

When City Council approved the Galena and Main Street visitor center location on April 12, 2004, the approval was for land use. The Visitor Center referendum petition being circulated on the Galena and Main location is based on land-use approvals, not financial approvals.

Accepting the gift is a financial issue, not a land-use issue. City Council gave its approval for the financial deals for the visitor center in separate deals approximately three months before City Council gave its approval for the land use. The financials were dealt with in resolutions.

The Visitor Center location land-use referendum petition will be turned in to the City Clerk’s office on Monday, May, 17. Contact Candy Allen at 948-3400 to add your signature to the list of City of Aspen registered voters on the referendum petition.

Toni Kronberg

Snowmass Village

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