Still supporting locals |

Still supporting locals

(This letter was originally addressed to Mike Lyons and Aspen residents.)Dear Editor:First and foremost, as the proprietors of Crust Restaurant and ZG Grill, we would like to apologize to you, Mr. Lyons, for the Highlands experience you wrote about in a letter published in The Aspen Times on Tuesday, Dec. 19. That being said, you are flawed in your stated estimations:There were, in fact, events hosted at each of our establishments; Crust closed for a period of two hours to celebrate the fifth birthday party of a local resident, and ZG Grill had the honor of hosting a holiday celebration for local Aspen Highlands Village residents and businesses (thank you for those of you who came). The event was organized by Beach Resource Management, our governing body up here in the Highlands. Nonetheless, both restaurants did their best to accommodate customers – takeout and free local delivery were available without interruption at Crust, and ZG Grill attended to various locals at the bar until the early evening. No customer was neglected nor turned away. That is what we’re all about.We resent Mr. Lyons’ remarks stating a disregard, on our part, for locals as we have put a great deal of thought, consideration and work into creating a place that caters primarily to the Aspen local. It is a true appreciation for the essence of Aspen and the Highlands, “the local’s mountain,” that gave rise to ZG Grill when a couple of local individuals saw something worth saving. Without the inception of ZG Grill, the space would have been left vacant as Thunderbowl was last year, and “the people that work and play here, that make sacrifices to live here” as Mr. Lyons states in his letter, would all be let down.Furthermore, to ensure that our opening be concurrent with that of Highlands Mountain for the enjoyment of none other than our friends and neighbors, in less than one month, ZG Grill remodeled 5,000 square feet, hired staff, redesigned a menu to please, coordinated live entertainment, and more.Mr. Lyons, we regret that as a Highlands resident, you do not wish to be a part of the great times to comes at ZG Grill. As you can see, from creation to conception, ZG Grill has proved to be an active supporter of Aspen and its residents.Should you change your mind, our doors are open.P.S.: Crust and ZG Grill appreciate and encourage any feedback from our customers. Please feel free to e-mail any comments, suggestions, ideas you may have to or fill out a comment card at either restaurant.Graham Frandson, managing partnerMatt Zubrod, chef partner

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