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Still Stewing

Dear Editor:I continue to receive compliments over my recent letters decrying the self-serving two-thirds-page article about a photography exhibit of the work of the Times arts editor with headlines so big they might have been announcing the apocalypse while the Times arts editor ignores important local art exhibitions.OK, so the compliments are from my wife, my kids, my banker and chiropractor. Theyre still compliments. However, someone called today to say my letters are hypocritical and self-serving. Fair enough. Ill play it a different way.Theres another fine art photography gallery in town these days, Quintenz & Co., my so-called competition. This summer, Darren Quintenz mounted a fabulous exhibit of early work by the Guatemalan camera artist Luis Gonzalez-Palma. Do you folks have any idea what an honor it was to have this show in our little town? Hes a world-class, extremely important contemporary artist whose work is in many important museum and private collections, including my own. When his work was initially introduced to the U.S. in the early 90s, the Art Institute in Chicago bought I believe something like 50 prints and gave him a one-man show within a year. This was a significant art event in this town, and I dont recall reading about it in the Times. Maybe I missed that edition. In my self-serving manner, I have to confess that I have his work at my gallery, too.Joel SorokaAspen