Still seeking solutions |

Still seeking solutions

Dear Editor:Robert Pew’s letter on the Arab League Peace initiative is fine on the surface (July 26). He’s right that had this happened in 1949 the Middle East would be a totally different place. However, it’s 2007, not 1949.The overwhelming majority of Israel’s citizens accept a two-state solution, as long as the Palestinian state is not just a platform to lob rockets into Israel, as Gaza is.The 1967 borders will need some modification … winners of wars don’t generally give back territory (will Russia give back the parts of Poland it annexed after WW II , or Poland give back the parts of Germany it took, is Aspen going back to the Utes, will we give Texas back to Mexico, etc.). It gets a little sticky here.The refugee issue will be the major stumbling block. If Israel is to remain a Jewish country, the Palestinian refugees can’t come back, just like the almost equal numbers of Jewish refugees can’t go back to their homes in Arab lands. Compensation, yes … repatriation, no.Hopefully, a solution can be found … the world needs it!Jerry EpsteinAspen/Philadelphia