Still searching for the real lopper |

Still searching for the real lopper

Editor’s note: This letter refers to an article in Tuesday’s edition of The Aspen Times that stated J.E. DeVilbiss said he spoke recently with Fred Peirce, and that Mr. Peirce can give the identity of the tree loppers.Dear Editor:I make it a point not to debate issues in the paper. However, when the paper makes a factual error with my name attached, I feel compelled to try to correct the error. The article in the July 11 paper (“Tree-lopper saga still causing a stir”) contains the statement that I was “able to name names of the culprits.” I can unequivocally state that I do not know who the “culprits” are, nor have I ever stated otherwise to anyone.Frederick F. Peirce, Esq.Aspen

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