Still questioning Gray’s agenda |

Still questioning Gray’s agenda

Dear Editor:I see no cause for the apology that Sue Gray (Letters, June 28) expects for my reference to remarks she made last winter. I mentioned them months after the fact because in a recent letter to the editor Ms. Gray was portrayed as being oh-so-misunderstood. Indeed, misunderstandings do seem to swirl around Ms. Gray, who incorrectly supposes me to have been one of the two Jewish women who spoke with her following that Peace Coalition discussion. I publicly took exception to her comments when she made them, but did not speak privately with her.Ms. Gray was not making an obscure theological point but broadly trashing Judaism in classic anti-Semitic mode. If she really is not familiar with the concept of a Judeo-Christian tradition of humanism and compassion, Ms. Gray should brush up on Western Civilization 101.Ms. Gray takes extremist and controversial positions, then when challenged acts hurt and misunderstood. Her writings on Iraq stressed the undeniable suffering of its people, but she ignored the realities of its then ruling regime, clearly implying that if Iraq were to be left alone all would be warm and fuzzy in Saddam’s realm. As to the family background she chooses to publicly reference, Ms. Gray can’t have it both ways; if it is impossible for her to be anti-Semitic because she has Jewish in-laws, then she cannot possibly be in such ignorance about Jewish beliefs and ethics. Skeptical about the baffled gullibility Ms. Gray presents, I continue to question her agenda.Judith KingGlenwood Springs


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