Still in the running |

Still in the running

Dear Editor:

At some point in the musical “Company,” the character that was played by Elaine Stritch says the only thing that distinguishes us from the lesser primates is cigarette smoking. She left out racing against the clock. I did some of this myself. But the last time I did the America’s Uphill I finished last in every category and decided it was time to retire my STABILicers.

I bring this up because, on Saturday, I decided to take a leisurely spin in the general direction of the Bells. But I found myself in the middle of a bike race with a lot of very determined-looking people wearing numbers and moving very rapidly up and down Maroon Creek Road. When I got to the Highlands, there was a race referee who asked me if I was in the “masters.” In the spirit of the day I said that I was, and asked if I was winning.

“No,” he said, ” at the moment you are third.”

Well, vaya con dios, my fellow masters, and may the devil take the hindmost!

Jeremy Bernstein


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