Still in limbo |

Still in limbo

Dear Editor:

The 1967 war between Israel and Jordan ended in a truce that compelled Golda Meir to make her fateful decision about how to deal with the conquered territories. Was the West Bank the missing part of the land of Israel or a temporary occupation of territory to be dealt with in a future peace treaty? She decided “not to decide,” and this fateful act created much pain and suffering, and has haunted the whole world since.

Oslo created some breathing room extinguished by Rabin’s assassination. Off-and-on negotiations to reach the “two-state” solution have been fruitless likely because of lack of symmetry.

Facts on the ground have almost extinguished the green line with settlers on both sides of the fence. The Arab Spring has demonstrated that a population that feels oppressed needs addressing their grievances. Has the time come for “Plan B” ?

Stefan Edlis


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