Still cleaning up the GOP’s mess |

Still cleaning up the GOP’s mess

Dear Editor:

In all my years of voting the ads going on are the worst I have ever seen or heard, and they are getting lower in character and quality every day! My first time of voting was for Harry Truman when I returned from the Pacific after World War II and I turned 21, and I wish he was here today!

I still remember his speech when he called our Congress “a do nothing Congress.” It is the same today because there is nothing but bickering and child-like stages of action in our Congress. The American voters are fickle and self-serving and only have memories that last six months! After eight years of Bush they expect all the debris Bush left behind to be cleared up immediately and they blame everything on the present administration! They quickly forget the lies, deceit, false reporting of those years and two wars and the trillion dollars a year to support those wars and now they won’t believe the truth when they hear it.

The present recession started in 2007 when the Republicans were in power, and now in every ad you see or hear that the Republican candidates will take care of all problems if elected. The GOP will start by cutting Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and its benefits by 50 percent! In my wallet is my VA card, which states “service connected.” This card is carried by thousands of veterans that have various problems, and the GOP wants to cut those benefits by 50 percent, privatize or close VA hospitals and so on!

With much sadness is the fact that 5,766 military people have died in Iraq and Afghanistan and more than 30,000 have been wounded and maimed, and their benefits will be cut also! Why don’t these politicians cut their salaries and benefits by the same 50 percent? Hell no! They want a raise! A senator’s salary is $174,000 plus benefits per year; speaker of the house gets $223,500 plus benefits; majority and minority leaders get $193,400 plus benefits; so how can these underpaid people afford to spend millions of dollars to get elected? For example, John McCain just spent $20 million to win the primary in Arizona! Millions are being pumped into Colorado for the Republican candidates and a lot of it from overseas! I just watched a video interview on the Internet by Wolf Blitzer on CNN on Sept. 12, 2007, where minority leader Boehner said U.S. casualties is a small price to pay! Even after seven years in Iraq no “weapons of mass destruction” have been found!

If you seniors and veterans want more of the same, vote Republican on Nov. 2! ‘Nuff said! God bless America!

Chris Tessem


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