Still astonishing |

Still astonishing

Dear Editor:Oh how right you are, after I investigated a little more (Letters to the editor, Dec. 8). You are right. However if you are not astonished that you and I spend $3,000 a second in Iraq, then your are either a fool or you believe that you are safer spending this kind of money.The comparisons are supposed to relate the agendas of the government. I am not telling anyone to choose anything, so get that straight! Unfortunately, we don’t have a choice on where our money goes. The only choice we have is who decides where our money goes, and I hardly believe that anymore after the 2000 election.Don’t try to tell other people what I was trying to convey to the readers in this letter. Furthermore, I apologize for the false facts. Thank you for the clarification.Chase PutnamGlenwood Springs

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