Still a useful corridor |

Still a useful corridor

Dear Editor:Mr. Jeung seems to forget that the reason for the added cost of rail banking at the 27th street intersection was because of the train backers lobbying for it to be done (Letters to the Editor, Jan. 24). Mr. Jeung was on city council when the deal was made with Union Pacific to buy the “transportation corridor” and he is aware that RFTA has the right to build rail forever. The only thing that has been lost is the use of the transportation corridor between Glenwood Springs and Carbondale for the last 15 years.Nothing was said when RFTA gave the right of way between Woody Creek and the city of Aspen to Pitkin County, nor when the tracks were torn up between Basalt and Aspen, but God forbid the residents of Carbondale and Glenwood Springs have use of the corridor. The selling of useless rail and ties in order to build a safe means for bikes, joggers, walkers and commuters to access the corridor makes a lot more sense than leaving the rails in place to remind us that a railroad used to be there.The trail isn’t replacing the rail; it is merely providing one of the uses that we bought the transportation corridor for in the first place.Don “Hooner” GillespieGlenwood Springs


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