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Stick a fork in it

Rachel Richards credits me for the idea of the tunnel in CDOT’s straight-shot. If Rachel knew me better, she would know that I’ve never had a good idea in my entire life, and that record is apparently still intact.

In 1996, the large committee that I was part of, the elected officials (Rachel included), and even the voters, accepted the tunnel as mitigation for the destruction caused by the highway going through the park. Now, in a classic “bait and switch,” the straight-shooters say they will have the tunnel removed if we vote for their corridor.

Speaking of “bait and switch,” that must be how the rail supporters feel. They approved the tunnel as long as they could have rail, but were not willing to Iive with it for the busway (remember the diesel-belching bus ads) in the vote of 2001.

Now the straight-shooters are saying we will have another vote soon in order to approve what we just rejected in 2001. Are our memories that short?

The town has said that we don’t want reams of cars or buses; they both kill slowly with noxious fumes. Remind the straight-shooters with your vote. It’s time to stick a fork in this one.

Ed Zasacky

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