Sterile and impotent |

Sterile and impotent

Dear Editor:

“Don’t sanitize your mountain town,” writes Ed Quillen (“Don’t let tourism sanitize your mountain town,” Aug. 12). A sanitized town is one that has to suppress its partisan politics for fear of offending visitors and hurting its resort business.

Mr. Ed thinks that Aspen’s politics are liberal when they have a history of mud wrestling, class warfare, hatred of McMansions, demonizing the Aspen Skico and calling tourists turkeys? This world-class resort tried hard to be offensive to its guests. And business in Fat City has never been better.

Aspen politics haven’t been sanitized, they have been sterilized. Its political bile is impotent, unable to offend the second-home buyers who, over the past 30 years, have spent billions of dollars to buy up more than half the town.

Be brave, comrades.

KNCB Moore

Santa Barbara, Calif.