Step up against drilling in Thompson Divide |

Step up against drilling in Thompson Divide

Dear Editor:

At the beginning of August, Sen. Michael Bennet announced draft legislation to protect the Thompson Divide region. His draft bill would prevent any future oil and gas development on the unleased lands of Thompson Divide and is a tremendous step forward in the efforts to protect this area.

As a resident of Carbondale and longtime bird-watcher, I have spent countless days in the Thompson Divide. All of us, who live near it, are blessed to have such an ecological and economic resource on our doorstep. I applaud the leadership and vision of Sen. Bennet in taking the important first steps to protect the Thompson Divide.

The Thompson Divide region serves as a mainstay not only for the ranchers and outfitters who benefit directly from its wildlands, clean water and wildlife, but it also provides incredible places for hiking, birding and many other forms of recreation. It is a favorite place for me to take visitors and friends who come to this area.

The article “County looks for broader support on Thompson Divide” in the Aug. 29 Aspen Daily News mentioned that Pitkin County is hoping Garfield and Gunnison counties will join them in a joint letter to Sen. Bennet in support of his draft bill.

As a Garfield County resident, I urge my commissioners to support Bennet’s bill and join with Pitkin and Gunnison counties in helping to protect our shared economic and ecological legacy.

Linda Vidal


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