Step into Veazy’s shoes |

Step into Veazy’s shoes

Dear Editor:I see Sam Jones of Houston (letters, Sept. 4) and Paul Cherrett of Basalt (letters, Sept. 4) have used me as an excuse to get their names in the newspaper as they crackle in the flames of their own silly fury and as they claim a higher ground, which they can never reach or lead other toward. Their descent is evident.I am sure those you defend do defend you. Their silence speaks much about both of you, doesn’t it?Cherrett, read the online comment someone wrote in response to your published letter. It appears others have tried to bring you up to speed, and you keep dragging your feet.Sam Jones ain’t no Sam Houston, is he? Where is his “Yellow Rose of Texas”?Instead of thinking your public antics concerning me are grand protocol, you both should attend city council and town council meetings for five years and give freely of your wisdom and yourselves to improve your beloved Houston and Basalt. You both haven’t done it in Aspen, have you?Emzy Veazy III, Esq.Aspen