Stem cell hopes |

Stem cell hopes

Dear Editor:Well, I have been reading a lot about this topic lately. It seems there has been some major breakthroughs in this area of research. The surfer state has done it once again. This breakthrough could effect just about everybody in the world. These scientists in the surfer state have done extensive research through private funding and have come up with a cure in small animals whose anatomy is close to the human body. They have given this small animal the ability to walk again after being paralyzed. Did you all get what I just said? That’s right, the ability to walk again after being paralyzed.Wow I can’t believe what I just said. Suddenly the door to hope has opened for millions of people. With the disabled vets coming to town and the sunshine kids coming in, there is a new light at the end of the tunnel. Can you imagine, people confined to wheelchairs getting up and walking? People who suddenly forgot their lives remembering, people without hope with terminal diseases having hope?All these people with their hopes and dreams shattered, from one thing or another, suddenly becoming who they once where. I can think of two young men in our valley that I would give anything for, to see one get up and hug his mom and tell her he really does love her and throw that tennis ball for his golden retriever, and the other to get back on his snowboard and show everybody who he really is. Let them all return to that place there was before these accidents took from their parents, their most cherished item, their children’s health.Stem cell research, some say it’s bad because it comes from unborn embryos. But the fact is these embryos would be discarded anyway. Life from life, what a concept. Miracles happening right before our eyes – not just one or two but millions.Some may say this is false hope, but without hope, life is life without dreams. This is not a dream this has happened in the surfer state. So I pray every day that all of us will see this light and let it become the miracle it could be. Here is a thought to ponder: “What seems like the right thing to do could also be the hardest thing you have ever done in your life” (Unknown).Russ DeckerCarbondale

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